How to Correct Your Lip Shape with the Help of Makeup

Not every representative of the beautiful half of all women is happy with her appearance. In particular, many girls are not satisfied with their lips. Some girls want to correct them a little. Well, here we will explain how you can use makeup to correct the shape of your lips and make them perfect!

What do girls usually want to correct?

How to correct lip shape with the help of makeup How to correct lip shape with the help of makeup
How to Correct Your Lip Shape with the Help of Makeup How to Correct Your Lip Shape with the Help of Makeup

The first place is the desire to make thin lips look fuller, sensual, and seductive by giving them volume. It is impossible to achieve this goal without a lip pencil. The lip pencil should be a little darker than your lipstick or it should match it exactly. Make a line that is approximately 1mm, extending the natural lip line through the middle of the lips. Do not use a very dark shade of lipstick because dark colors tend to reduce size and the lips are no exception. Choose a lipstick of bright shades. You can even top it with pearlescent gloss. It is possible to highlight the middle of the lips by applying a bright lipstick. Afterwards, blend your lip makeup with a cotton puff to make it look more natural.


Some of the beautiful halves of humanity are disappointed with their plump lips. Well, it is possible to visually reduce them. To do this, apply a concealer on the lips when leveling the skin of the face. Then make the contour line, but now apply it 1mm inward from the edge of the lips. Then cover the lips with loose powder and apply a lipstick. It is better to give preference to cold, light shades. Do not use pearl lipstick and gloss because they make the lips look more voluminous.

On the basis of individual characteristics, the same actions can be done if you have asymmetrical lips. The problem of the upper lip being considerably smaller than the lower one is quite common. But it can easily be corrected by outlining the upper lip slightly wider than it actually is.

If the lip corners are lowered, do not apply any lipstick on them and "lift" them by using a lip pencil. Apply softer, more rounded contours. Do not overdo it, proceed carefully and sensitively. Choose a glowing lipstick, it will attract all the attention, but no one will notice the lip corners.

Every woman wants to be beautiful; it is quite a natural desire. But you need to work hard, learn new things, and put in the effort. This is where the number of willing people decreases...

Do not give up your intentions, create bold looks. We will try to make your way to beauty comfortable and pleasant, and answer your most pressing questions.

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