What Lipstick Color Is the Best for Women with Fair Skin?

Let's start with the main thing: lipstick of cool shades suits women with fair skin. The choice is wide—from light pink to dark plum. Cold shades look very advantageous on fair skin, "animate" the face, give exquisite nobility to it, and add a special charm and appeal.

lipstick of cool shades suits women with fair skin Lipstick of cool shades suits women with fair skin
Bright lipstick on light skin looks spectacular Bright lipstick on light skin looks spectacular

Many fair-skinned girls prefer bright shades of lipstick, both cold and warm, and not only pink, but beige or coral as well. This makes sense. Light lipstick on fair skin creates a gentle, feminine, and romantic image that simply cannot fail to please the eye. Femininity and softness is always in fashion, it attracts and fascinates. However, if you choose beige lipstick, you run the risk of looking too pale and expressionless. Your facial features will "blur" and be lost in the background of everything else. You should also note that warm shades emphasize the yellowness of teeth. So not everyone is lucky in this regard. Use beige lipstick only if you have gray or blue eyes because in this case, the color of your eyes will be in the spotlight.


But if you have a rosy complexion, we don't recommend you use pink lipstick, which will visually enhance it. In general, if you have such a rosy complexion, pink categorically counters, both in makeup and in clothing and accessories.

Women with thin lips should avoid using too dark of a lipstick. As for brighter colors, these will make your lips look much bigger and more sensual. The same effect can be achieved by using lip gloss separately or over a lipstick.

On the other hand, dark, luscious lipstick is an indispensable attribute of evening makeup. Wearing this lipstick, you will be irresistible in any reception, theatrical premiere, or party. Use a lip pencil to correct the shape of your lips, try the ombre lip look, and after putting in some effort and patience, you will achieve excellent results. Bright lipstick on fair skin looks spectacular and turns you into a real Hollywood star: mysterious, unreachable, and ever so charming.

In general, choosing a lipstick color is very difficult, it is necessary to take into account the myriad of nuances. Remember to consider the color of your hair, eyes, and skin, and even the shape and the size of your lips. And now that you know what lipstick color is the best for women with fair hair, success is guaranteed!

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